Chocolate Poetry Club – August

Back in June, I entered the Chocolate Poetry Club’s slam and was a finalist there. As a prize for making it to the final, I was invited back for August to do a 15 minute feature set of which I obliged.

The night, run by Paul Point, has always been an interesting poetry night. It attracts an eclectic mix of poets and there’s always something entertaining that’s for sure.

Photography by Seif Alaya –

In terms of my set, I took the opportunity to be random this time. After spending the month editing and working on some of my older poems, I picked poems out of my folder at random to perform. It was a refreshing change of pace for me personally and feel like it might be something I do a few times in the future.

Photography by Seif Alaya –

The other feature acts alongside me were Damian O’Vitch, Jasmin Sophie and Corrine Altass-Hye. All of which proved why they’d made it to the final of the slam. Jasmin Sophie imparticular wowed me with her final piece surrounding body image.

The open mic was as eclectic as ever with a wide range of voices heard. Not all were too my taste it has to be said but it was still entertaining and I would say I enjoyed the night.

I’m looking forward to next month’s event in large part due to the fact that next month the feature poet is Aisling Fahey. So that should be well worth watching.

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