Poet/Photographer/Video Editor/Camera Man

‘When I think about poets who will make new people fall in love with spoken word, I think about Tyrone.’ – /
‘Jedi grand master poet’ –
‘Vanguard of the spoken word community’ –
‘Legendary creature’ –

A pop-culture powerhouse of a poet. As comfortable in front of a camera as he is behind it, Tyrone is a full time video editor. He says words to people sometimes.

Tyrone Lewis, UK Poetry Slam Champion 2020, former Roundhouse Poetry Slam Champion and Author of his debut collection ‘Blackish’. Tyrone has worked across England with poetry in a variety of ways, including performing, teaching and peer mentoring. He was nominated as the editor’s choice for Best Spoken Word Performer for the 2018 Saboteur Awards and was a semi-finalist in the 2020 World Cup Of Poetry.

Based in London, Tyrone is a regular on the scene there and is one of the co-hosts of a monthly Open Mic Night, Boomerang Club as well as the host of Canada Water Theatre’s Open Mic Nights.

Tyrone has also been involved with a number of major national poetry events over the years including 2010’s Word Cup, 2012’s Shake The Dust and 2015’s Shot From The Lip, as well as helping out with UniSlam in from 2016 – present.

Away from poetry, Tyrone is a full time video editor. Over the past few years Tyrone has used the skills he picked up from filmmaking and photography to work on documenting the spoken word scene via Process Productions. Through that, he’s been able to showcase a large amount of the scene via both Process’ YouTube channel and social media presence. Tyrone has become known across the UK not only for his writing and performance but also his work behind a camera.



Artwork by SZS Illustration https://www.facebook.com/SpikeZephaniah/