Poet/Photographer/Video Editor/Camera Man

A former Roundhouse Slam Champion, Tyrone Lewis is currently a member of the Burn After Reading poetry collective as well as the yet to be named, Roundhouse Poetry Collective 15/16. Tyrone has been around the country working with poetry in a variety of ways, including performing, teaching and peer mentoring.

Tyrone has been involved with a number of poetry events over the years including 2010’s Word Cup, 2012’s Shake The Dust and 2015’s Shot From The Lip, all of which were in association with Apples and Snakes. He’s also performed at the 2016 London Anti-Slam and the 2016 UK Slam Championships as well as featuring at a number of other events including Forget What You Heard (About Spoken Word) and Hammer And Tongue (Waterloo). Tyrone is also one of the hosts of a monthly poetry night called Boomerang Club.

Tyrone is also an accomplished film maker and regularly films performances for a number of nights as well as taking pictures. All of the videos he films and photos he takes are self edited. 

Outside of poetry, Tyrone works as a full time video editor.