Boomerang Club – August

This has to be one of my favourite regular nights. Just so much love in that room and some really great poetry on offer there.

This month, I was actually asked to headline Boomerang Club. I’m still surprised I was asked but am very thankful to Joel Auterson and Jake Wild Hall for letting me do that.


It was just me talking for 20 (okay actually 23) minutes and I felt like I gave a good account of myself. There was a mix of old and new stuff and I’d like to thing a variety of topics I was talking about. It seemed to go down well, it was a brilliant audience to perform to as is often the case.

If you’d like to see highlights of me performing at Boomerang Club then here you go:

As for the rest of the night, the other features were Pat Cash and Rachael Black. I’d never seen Rachael Black before but had heard a lot about her beforehand so was very curious of what she’d be bringing, and she brought her A Game. I loved her set, loved seeing her do her thing.


Was also nice to see Pat Cash do a set. I’m so used to seeing him host Spoken Word London that it was a refreshing change to see him poet-ing. He’s really good too so that’s always nice to see.


As incredible as it was, I’m not going to go into detail about the open mic. There was just too much to talk about there so we’d be here for ages. I will say though that it was so good seeing Joel Auterson performing. With this month’s boomerang club falling the day after his birthday, we celebrated him turning 22 in style I’d say. Not only did he do his Taylor Swift inspired poem, before that we gave him his birthday present in the form of a vegan cake made by Jake and a Totoro cake made by Caroline Teague.


All in all Boomerang club yet again proved why it is one of my favourite nights in London

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