Spoken Word London – July

I hate late shifts. I really do. And sadly I was stuck on a late the same week that Spoken Word London was on. Thankfully I managed to make it there for the last half of it and did see the majority of my friends take on the open mic but I’m still a little bit gutted that I missed a major chunk of it.

Nevertheless though, what I saw was pretty damn incredible. The standard, as always, was great. Some really good poems as always. I also was able to jump on the open mic myself and I just generally felt so good about that performance and feedback wise it seemed to go down well.

There were two reasons why this one was really special though. The first being that it was Woody’s birthday and it was great to spend the evening with him. The other was Natsaha Gilbert. I’d seen her at a few events now and she made it down to the July FWYH and it would appear that she was so inspired by what she heard then that she wrote a poem in response and dedicated it to us. It’s a first for me I have to say and just really made me feel great inside so thank you for that. All of it just adding together to make yet another great Spoken Word London

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