Lipped Ink! – July

Yet another one on the list of nights I haven’t been to but heard about was Lipped Ink! Like with She Grrrowls, Caroline Teague was featuring which gave me a good enough incentive to go there and I’m really glad I did. As seems to be the recurring theme with a lot of the events I’ve been going to, my friends kill it and continue to be awesome. I then also see new open mic-ers take to the stage and they wow me and kill me too. Lipped Ink kept up that trend and thankfully I had my camera on me so I caught a lot of it on film.

This also marked the first time someone requested for me to perform a specific poem which is a new one on me. I obliged and it seemed to go down a treat so I had a lot of fun. Anyway, whilst I didn’t get my performance on film, here are some of the videos I filmed on the night:

Kieren King – Not Every Childhood Story Is A Fairytale (Lipped Ink – July)

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