Forget What You Heard (About Spoken Word) – July

I’ve been doing poetry for almost half my life now, I’ve been to a lot of nights and experienced a lot of feelings but nothing compares to what happened this month. For some reason, without co-operating, a lot of the open mic-ers used this event to get a lot of what they’d been feeling off their chest. It was emotional, it was touching and it was powerful. The greatest thing about this was how much of a safe space FWYH has managed to create. Each night has its own vibe and I’m not sure how but full credit to Matt Cummins and Rikki Livermore for giving FWYH that vibe (and yes I am fully aware that Matt sadly couldn’t be there for this one until the very end)


There were a lot of tears but also of inspiration and I think people really needed a night like that. It brought people closer, it meant people said what they needed to say and just… it’s hard to put into words (he says as he calls himself a poet) but you really had to be there to experience this one and fully understand what went on.


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