Burn After Reading Presents – July

July started with a Birthday, Burn After Reading’s. Our collective celebrated our 2nd birthday at the start of the month at our nightly event. It was a mix of a gathering and a celebration and an ending of the poetic calendar year for us and the vibe was pretty great. There’s a lot of talk about the idea of a poetry family and I certainly felt it that night.

We invited down the Early Doors collective to share the stage with us and they kindly sent down Jack Rooke, Cecila Knapp and Maria ferguson. We welcomed them with open arms and they returned the favour by being as awesome as always.

For me, it was pretty nice to just be on camera duty for the day, no worries of having to perform and just able to experience it. It was a good start to the month and a good end of the year.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for videos from that night as well as other videos previous nights:

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