Have you heard Steps new song?
Are you going to watch the new Alien film?
Did you watch the Power Rangers film?
Did you catch the Wrestlemania match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg?
Are you gonna see Bananarama when they’re on tour?
What do you think of these new Harry Potter stories?
How happy are you that the Hardy Boyz are the tag team champions?
I can’t wait to see Jeff Goldblum in the next Independence day film.
I can’t wait to see Jeff Goldblum in the next Jurassic Park Film.

A man posing as my father messaged me today.
He gave a hello but I returned that.
In response he gave me a how are you.
I offered him a good which he accepted
then I asked him how he was.
He was also good.

Then there was nothing.

He’s still not said sorry.
It’s only been 25 years, maybe he needs more time?

Glory to Bob in the highest
and peace to Bianca in hell.
Raja, Heavnly Queen.
Almighty Ru, our mother.
We worship you. We give you thanks,
We praise you for your glory.
Lord Michelle Visage
only bitch for our mother.
Lord Ru, MaMa Ru
You Sashay away, the queens of the world
Have mercy on us;
You are seated at the right hand of the Carson
and Ross Matthews
For Ru alone is the holy one
Ru alone is the lord
Ru alone is the most high.
Courtney Act, with the holy Katya
In the glory of Sharon Needles


. Hello
.  Hello
.   Hello

Can one of you please agree with me?
. agree with me
.  agree with me
.   agree with me
.    agree with me

I need validation
. validation
.  validation
.   validation

I need to know I’m not alone
. alone
.  alone
.   alone.

My voices are hurting my head, I need someone else to listen
. to listen
.  to listen
.   to listen
.    to listen

Is anybody listening?
. listening
.  listening
.   listening

. hello
.  hello
.   hello


I guess you could say I’m facebook friends with Monogamy.
We like and comment on each others status’
and I’ll occasionally tag them in meme’s I think they’d like.
If I saw them in a bar I’d talk to them.
I’m not against going to the pub with them to catch up.
But they also share some articles I don’t agree with,
some questionable buzzfeed lists
some simplistic memes
and I don’t hate them for it.
I just know that at times we don’t see eye to eye.

Whenever we do talk, we avoid those conversations.
Stick to small talk and pleasantries.
We pick our words carefully, minimises the disconnect between us.

Monogamy is a good friend,
but right now, I don’t think we’ll be anything more than that.

This time the woman fights back and beats up the men.
She’s still hot though.
No but this time she stands up for herself about people fighting over her.
She’s still hot though.
She still ends up with one of them though.
We’ve got a range of different girls of all shapes and sizes in this film.
The big girl is still the comic relief.
She’s still kooky.
I don’t think you get it; the black guy doesn’t die first or second.
He still dies though.
We’ve added a kick-ass Asian character!
Just the one.
We just released a female led film.
Just the one.
No no no, we’ve made this handsome lead flawed, he’s got emotional baggage.
He still gets the girl.

A found poem made up of Fall Out Boy song titles

It’s hard to say ‘I do’ when I don’t.
My heart is the worst kind of weapon. American made,
America’s suitehearts. My hearts beating, you’re screaming
You’re crashing but you are no wave.
I’ve got all this ringing in my ears but none on my fingers.
I don’t care.
From now on
we are enemies.
Thnks fr th mmrs.

I’ve been thinking.
I’ve been thinking about thinking.
I’ve been thinking about thinking about thinking.
I’ve been thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking.
I’ve been thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking
and I think I think too much.
Maybe that’s why I play my music so loud?
I think that Rey will be revealed to be a Kenobi.
I think the top stopped spinning in Inception.
I think I meant it when I said I loved her, the first time.
I know I dropped the words at our feet
but the fact I was even carrying them must have meant something.
I think?
I think we should have talked about us more.
I think we should have thought about us more.
I think I should think about you more.
Keep you in my head as both a warning
and a reminder.

I know we worked.
I know that happiness wasn’t a feeling exclusively felt by me.
I know that it hurt when it ended.
I know I really liked you.
I think I loved you.
I said it enough.
I think it was true at least once

She was the rain while the world was on fire.
Kept trying to put out the flames
but they kept igniting. Kept setting
the land ablaze. Kept scorching the earth
so she became the sea. She became the oceans
she became water.
Biblical. Flooding the earth
till the fire couldn’t take her anymore.
She wouldn’t rest till as she was left with was smoke and ashes.
She left them, a reminder of the inferno’s before,
a warning of how possible firestorms are.