New Shit! – The Open Mic Documentary

New Shit! is an open mic documentary, which asks a number of London-based poets what their thoughts and feelings are in regards to poetry; specifically open mics and the scene in London.

The documentary was filmed, produced and edited by Tyrone Lewis in 2015. He interviewed 22 different poets and filmed at 17 different events.

Interviewees (In alphabetical order):
Alexander Woodward, Carmina Masoliver, Caroline Teague, Chama Kay, Chris Lawrence, Daisy Thurston-Gent, Gabriel Jones, Hannah Chutzpah, Harriet Creelman, Harry Wills, Iris Colomb, Jake Wild Hall, Joel Auterson, Laurie Eaves, Liam Mac An Phearsúin, Natasha Gilbert, Ölmo Lazarus, Paul Point, Safi Strand, Sara Hirsch, Scarlett Fox, Thomas Owoo

Events (In alphabetical order):
Boomerang Club, Boxed In, Chocolate Poetry Club, First Fridays, Forget What You Heard, Genesis Slam, Human Gloop, Lipped Ink, Paper Tiger Poetry, Spoken, Spoken Word London, The Fine Line Society